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Captain Pat and Aline have been married for 32 years and have shared many adventures together. Their motivation to escape the corporate world in northern Alberta Canada brought them to owning and operating “Miss Kitty” their luxurious 44ft Sailing Catamaran for 8 years.


Together they have logged over 10,000 miles. Their cruising routes have taken them from Texas, Florida, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands, Curacao, Bonaire & Trinidad.


Now back in Canada and enjoying the expanding family with grandbabies, Pat is still available to help with vacation planning or cruising/sailing information and knowledge. The experiences they shared over the 8 years on Miss Kitty has enriched their knowledge and appreciation for life. 

Captain Pat is currently upgrading his Captain certifications with Transport Canada and is always looking forward to new adventures. 



Pat Little—Captain                                             Nationality—Canadian

Captain Pat grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He has worked in the Civil Engineering field for over 25 years spending most of that time in the booming Oilsand area of Alberta. He had the unique opportunity of managing staff and large commercial marine vessels in the Tailings Engineering industry among other areas.


As a teenager, he was a competitive swimmer, lifeguard and part of a scuba club. His interest in sailing started as a kid with small sail boats. As an adult, he has always spent the Alberta summers putting in as much time as possible on the water, waterskiing and sailing his Hobie Cat.


Pat’s love for the water and the boating world, both professionally and personally pushed him towards further education into the Yachting world of the Caribbean. Pursuing this new adventure, expanded his knowledge and certifications by completing the Master of Yacht 200 Ton Limited License and STCW95. Pat is currently upgrading many of his certifications to also meet the Transport Canada qualifications. 


As well as his sailing capabilities, Pat hold his Advanced PADI diver certificate and knows the ins and outs of snorkeling and free diving.  

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